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Throughout 27 years we have worked hand in hand with insurers and companies in the real sector, who recognize us for our punctuality, prudence and responsibility with which each case is assumed, and the commitment to the growth and consolidation of their businesses.

Our extensive experience and professionalism positions us as a reliable, serious and responsible firm that works under the principles of honesty, integrity and effectiveness.



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María Serrano Prada

Founder of the firm SFR Legal

For 14 years she was a DIAN official, serving as a researcher, lawyer and Head of the Tax Resources Unit of the Legal Division, Bucaramanga section.


Yesenia Figueroa Marriaga

Consultant in Labor Law. He has successfully represented employers and workers in cases of employer responsibility, work accidents, compensation for unfair dismissal, claims for wages and social benefits.


Claudia Rueda Pabón

Expert in Civil and State Responsibility Law. It is responsible for defending insurance companies, public transport and freight and passenger companies, domiciliary public utilities, health providers (EPS).

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